Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away....

you have ruined my pumpkin display.  Sad day. The oh-so-cute arrangement that once seemed so welcoming at my front door has now suffered greatly due to the never-ending rain we have had for 3 days. Don't get me wrong. I am thankful for the liquid sunshine but my poor fall decor will never be the same.  I arrived home from work last night (after an exhausting 13 hour shift and an alarm system debaucle, mind you) to find that the great cinderella pumpkin had tumbled from its resting place on the mound of hay to land right in the middle of my beautiful mum. Tragedy. The mum is broken and so is my heart. I worked hard to keep those plants alive for 2 weeks and now all the rain is killing them. The broken mum is propped up against the bale of hay. Maybe no one will notice its crushed backside and gaping hole on the top. Ha! The hay is so soggy it can no longer support the weight of the cinderella pumpkin so now it is unhappily residing on the ground. The cute scarecrow sign blew away in the wind. After an extensive search with only a fierce lightning storm to light up the yard, I finally found the little sign stuck in a bush. A small victory.

I didn't think I could share a picture, but the rain let up for a second so I just ran outside to snap a quick pic. We can all mourn together!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Fall Ya'll

For years I have dreaded fall. I tend to associate the season with the beginning of a school year which has always meant the beginning of a stressful time for me. After all, I did go to school for 20 years and I took my education very seriously and that's putting it mildly!!!   Fortunately, those days are all over now and I can finally enjoy the change of seasons. This year fall has been especially fun because now I have a husband. I enjoy decorating our home and making it cozy and inviting. I want to make our house something we can both be proud of. Decorating makes me feel so domestic. Haha!!

On Friday night, the hubs and I went to a pumpkin patch and bought all shapes, colors, and types of pumpkins and a bale of hay. I think he thought I was crazy when I kept picking out more and more pumpkins to add to the collection, but thankfully he kept quiet and trusted his wife. Good husband!! =) Saturday, my mommy and I attended a harvest festival and found beautiful yellow mums. So mom and I combined all the fall goodies and got to decorating. Here is the finished product.

Love these cinderella pumpkins!
The great white pumpkin!

I love the "handle" on this one.

The front entrance with fall wreaths.
I have to admit I am proud of my efforts!

A little taste of fall in my kitchen.

The foyer.

Closeup! My momma made the pumpkin in the center.
That is her in the picture in case you were wondering...

More foyer decor. My mother-in-law gave me the pumpkins and my mom made the Alabama football.
How fall is this? Too cute!!

Closeup of the football.
Yes she is talented. I am aware and grateful.
Well that's about all of the fall explosion in our home. I have more goodies to put out for Thanksgiving. Whoo hoo! Hope ya'll enjoyed! Thanks for visiting!