Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fretting, Frazzled, and Fatigued

These days my thoughts are consumed by all the wedding things I have left to accomplish and the small amount of time I have left before the wedding to get it all done. Planning a wedding, working a full time job and picking up extra shifts, fighting a horrible sinus infection with an already weak immune system, and making time for my friends, family, and the soon to be husband is just a tad bit stressful. There just isn't enough of me to go around.  I feel frazzled, fatigued, and I am fretting over it all!!

My brain is a constant chain reaction of things I need to do. Welcome to the brain of an overwhelmed bride!!

Wedding dress must be altered immediately-when is my reception dress going to come in and when will I have it altered?-who is going to do these alterations?- how much is it going to cost-why does everything cost so much?-why didn't I listen to my dad and just go to the courthouse?!- anyway, when can I schedule bridal portraits?-oh wait, this depends on when the dresses are altered so they actually fit-before I can have pictures made I need a hairstyle-figure out appointment times to decide on a wedding day hairstyle- then I need jewelry to go with my dress-where do you even begin to look for jewelry?!-I really need a tan, but I have no time to go to a tanning bed-what about my nails and makeup-we really need to register for the bridal showers I have in less than a month-what to register for?-what color towels do we really need for the bathroom-makes me think of a shower so back to the showers, I need dresses for those events-actually I need dresses for everything (rehearsal dinner and honeymoon)-I need bikinis for the honeymoon-wait I still need a tan to look good in those bikinis-I need thank you cards to write thank you letters-I need to order napkins for the reception-I need to finish the wedding favors and bridesmaids gifts-we need champagne flutes to drink from-ceremony music!!-I have no idea!-I need a pianist!-I have to design the programs but can't do that until I have music-I need to order the unity candle and a memorial candle for my sister-terrible, painful reminder that my sissy will not be present on my wedding day-horrible reality that makes me want to scream and makes me even more frazzled!!-this makes me think of the florist because he also did the flowers for her funeral-I haven't met with the florist yet!-I need flowers for the cakes- I need to let the cake lady know I changed my mind about the grooms cake-need to take her the picture of the one I now want-we need more seating at the reception-I need to know how many chairs so I can order the chair ties-we need to choose songs for the reception!  The list in my head goes on and on! 

I know a wedding is all about marrying the one you love and not about getting caught up in these crazy details, but right now these details are driving me nuts!!  Soon this will all be a distant memory and I will only have this post to serve as a reminder of  the craziness of it all.