Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bridal Portraits

Oh no! As I was uploading my post yesterday, I discovered this post that I had written months ago but never actually posted!! Oops!  Oh well, better late than never!! 

On May 17th, I had my bridal portraits taken. Mom and I loaded up the dresses (yes, I have two!) and headed off to Fort McClellan in Anniston to meet my photographer for pictures. It was so much fun but so hot! I may roast in that dress on the wedding day!! 

For pictures, my florist made a bouquet similar to the one I will carry at the wedding. It was just gorgeous and smelled wonderful! It was full of mini green hydrangeas, white hydrangeas, white freesia, white roses, and peonies!

Since I can't share pictures of the dresses, I can share pics of the bouquet! That's better than nothing!

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