Thursday, July 29, 2010

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, my mommy, daddy, and I took a trip to Atlanta to see the Atlanta Braves play the Philadelphia Phillies. It was a day game and oh my word it was hot!!

Turner Field

We had great seats! Right behind the Braves dugout!

When Amber was alive, she loved the Braves so we went to games several times a year.  This was our first game without her sitting with us. She was definitely there in Spirit though! I think she protected us from getting hit by foul balls! Thanks Ber!

Me and mommy!
Look at her sunburned shoulder! Ouch!

Mommy and daddy!
They match! How cute!

The family minus Amber.
See that white shirt in mom's lap?
The guy that took this picture caught it and gave it to my mommy. 
 We like to think it was a blessing from Amber.

The Braves won the game!

Then the Beach Boys performed on the field.

We had a great Memorial Day!!


  1. It looks like you all had a great day. Amber may not be with you all physically but she will always be with you spiritually.
    I love the picture of your mom and dad...Hugs

  2. I haven't seen these pictures. I did miss Amber but she was there in spirit.